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How to Choose Best Quality Multicolor Tahitian Pearls?

As mentioned in the previous article, Tahitian black pearls are not only black. Now let's talk about the multicolor Tahitian pearls! Compared with the pearl types we introduced before, there are fewer PSL certificates of multicolor Tahitian necklaces on the market and their price increases recently. On the one hand, there are far fewer Tahitian black pearls in other overtones than those in green. It is quite difficult to match a multicolor black pearl strand. It needs a large number of colored black pearls. On the other hand, it is even more difficult to ensure that each pearl on a necklace are in rich color, match shape, match luster, and in same size. Therefore, beautiful multicolor necklaces are very rare,...

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The "Secret" Story of Tahitian Black Pearls

Why is the big price gap between the same perfect round and flawless Tahiti black pearls? If put white South sea pearls, Golden south sea pearls, Tahitian pearls together, you will find Tahitian pearls are the most colorful one. In the industry, specific names have been given to these overtone colors: peacock — greenish black cherry/aubergine — purplish black champagne — yellowish gray pistachio — greenish gray lavender — bluish black Tahitian gold — golden black pigeon gray — purplish gray silver — gray moon gray — pale gray orient gray — surface iridescence Here's a little bit of pearl trivia share to yours. There is also a discrepancy between the market price positioning and the grading standard of black...

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Pearl Science Laboratory Certificates - The Gray Pearls of Tahitian Pearls

Today, let’s talk about the gray(silver-blue) serise of Tahitian black pearls! Unlike the temperament gray of akoya pearls, the gray pearls of Tahiti are deeper and heavier. Pearl Science Laboratory has has set 2 levels for the gray Tahiti pearls as "オーロラ プラチナブラック(Aurora Platinum grey)" and "Aurora Ocean Blue". Let's interpret the contents of the certificate. The content on the left is from top to bottom: Pearl image, certificate number, pearl type, jewelry style, pearl size, and identification method. The contents on the right are in order from top to bottom: Special Appellation, Thickness of Nacre, TERI Analysis, Brightness, Iridescent Color, Body color, Inperfection & Surface, Shape. The left side of the last column is the quality grade mark; the...

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What Is Special About Peacock Tahitian Pearls?

Compared with the Golden/White South Sea Pearl, there are too many types PSL certificates of Tahitian black pearl ! ! !First of all, let's make it clear that although the pearls produced by Tahiti are called "black pearls", the color system of black pearl is actually very rich. Although they’re known for their distinct dark range of colors, even black Tahitian pearls are not actually black. They are are instead silver, charcoal or a multitude of colors, with the dominant color being green. An often sought-after color is “peacock green” – the greenish black color of a peacock feather. Truly black pearls are among the most beautiful pearls in the world and are extremely rare. Usually, the darker the color,...

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