How to Choose Best Quality Multicolor Tahitian Pearls?

As mentioned in the previous article, Tahitian black pearls are not only black.
Now let's talk about the multicolor Tahitian pearls!
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Compared with the pearl types we introduced before, there are fewer PSL certificates of multicolor Tahitian necklaces on the market and their price increases recently.
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Multicolor tahitian black pearl strands
On the one hand, there are far fewer Tahitian black pearls in other overtones than those in green. It is quite difficult to match a multicolor black pearl strand. It needs a large number of colored black pearls.
On the other hand, it is even more difficult to ensure that each pearl on a necklace are in rich color, match shape, match luster, and in same size.
Therefore, beautiful multicolor necklaces are very rare, and the strands of certificates are even rarer.
The commonality is pink, though, which is desirable mostly universally but especially in south sea pearls
Now the multicolor Tahitian black pearls of PSL are divided into two grades.
The highest grade is "黒蝶クイーン", the same level as Aurora Hanadama.
Here is the contents of the certificate - pearl grading report.
The next grade is "南太平洋に浮かぶ真珠の島々", the same garde as Aurora Peacock.
In fact, "南太平洋に浮かぶ真珠の島々" is similar to "黒蝶クイーン". They are all multicolor series, the differ in blemishes, grades, and signs.
⭐"黒蝶クイーン" is "the Best Gem quality"
⭐"南太平洋に浮かぶ真珠の島々" is "the Strongest TERI"
⭐Blemishes on "黒蝶クイーン": Very Slightly
⭐Blemishes on "南太平洋に浮かぶ真珠の島々": Slightly
⭐Grade of "黒蝶クイーン": Type - S
⭐Grade of "南太平洋に浮かぶ真珠の島々": Type - K/J大溪地黑鲽皇后aurora queen necklace
混彩大溪地孔雀绿multicolored peacock green
Here are some advice about how to purchase multicolor Tahitian pearl strand.
General speaking, the size of multicolor Tahitian pearl strands of PSL is not large, usually 8-11mm. It is not easy to buy a large-size Tahitian necklace with a certificate. Because of one important indicator is that the blemishes requirements are very high.
You know, Tahitian pearls have a very distinctive feature. Pearls with beautiful tones are often having slightly blemished, flawless pearls are generally more mediocre. At the same time, smaller pearls are more colorful than larger pearls, but the probability of blemishes is higher than that of large pearls. Therefore, multicolor Tahiti that can meet the strict scoring criteria for flaws and get PSL certificate is often small pearls.
If you like the mysterious rainbows of the Tahiti pearls, you don’t have to worry about the certificate in actual purchase. The most important thing to buy a multicolor Tahitian necklace is the colorful overtones,  you should focus on the rich color and bright luster first. The peacock, aubergine, black champagne, gray lavender black, black pigeon gray in Tahiti (yes, Tahiti also has golden colors)can add a mysterious color to multicolor necklace. If there are too many coffee colors and grays in the mixed color, the value is low.
Then look at the size, and finally consider the blemishes.
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