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What Are Aurora TEN-NYO Pearls (Hanadama Pearls)?

In recent years, Japanese akoya pearls have become popular all over the world . No matter whether consumers in online or physical stores, they all love Japanese akoya pearls. Well known for their glowing luster, thickness >0.4mm and almost flawless surface. In layman term, they are like single round light bulbs, representing the beauty of oriental women. Pearls enthusiasts definitely knows what the best Akoya Pearls are, and they are called Hanadama. Hanadama, meaning Flower Pearl, represents the highest quality available in Japanese Akoya Pearls, certified by the Japan Pearl Science Laboratory. What is a TEN-NYO? TEN-NYO is the highest graded Pearls in the world (Previous highest was Hanadama). As a representative of high-quality akoya pearls, the word "TEN-NYO" is well...

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