pearl stud earrings with 18k gold and diamond
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18k gold pearl pendant and diamond
clean surface in blue natural color pearl
clean pearl surface 18k gold pendant
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18k gold flawless pear surface
blue pearl stud earrings with 18k gold
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blue pearl pendant in 18k gold
blue pearl pendant with diamond
gray pearl color with 18k gold and diamond

Forever Elegant 10.0-11.0 mm Tahitian Silver Gray Pearl & Diamond Stud Earrings/Pendant in 18K Gold

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  • Type: Earrings
  • Category: Tahitian Pearls
  • Metal: 18K Yellow Gold
  • Quantity: a Pair
  • Stone: Diamond


  • Origin: French Polynesia
  • Body Color: Blue
  • Size: 10.0-11.0 mm
  • Shape: True Round
  • Luster: Very Strong
  • Pearl Grade: AAA
  • Surface: Slightly Blemishes
  • Overtone: Silver-gray
  • Water: Saltwater
  • Kind: Cultured pearl
  • Mollusk Tahitian Pearl: Pinctada Margaritifera
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⭐DARK AND EXOTIC – The only naturally dark pearls, Tahitian pearls are produced by the Black Lipped oyster in the waters of French Polynesia. They are quite rare as only one in 10,000 oysters contains a pearl.
⭐The color of Tahiti pearls is determined not only by the color of the clam mantle, but also depends on the bioclimate. Even within a single cultivation region, the difference is huge.
⭐If you look closely, on the surface of many pearls you will see a contrasting greenish or bluish hue.
⭐BEAUTIFUL- Crafted to a standard of perfection this necklace is a fashion favorite and is perfect for island vacation looks or any outfit. This item features gorgeous pearls that will allow even the simplest of outfits to stand out fashionably. This item makes the perfect gift to yourself or the fashionista in your life.