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Dazzling Golden 14.0-15.0 mm South Sea Pearl and Diamond Emerald Pendant in Gold

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  • Type: Pendant
  • Category: Golden South Sea Pearls
  • Metal: 18K Yellow Gold
  • Stone: Diamond & Emerald
  • Chain: Included
  • Chain Approximate Length: 18 inches
  • Chain Material: 925 Silver


  • Origin: The Philippines
  • Body Color: Golden
  • Size: 14.0-15.0 mm
  • Shape: Round
  • Luster: Very Strong
  • Pearl Grade: AAA
  • Surface: Slightly Blemishes
  • Overtone: Deep Gold
  • Water: Saltwater
  • Kind: Cultured pearl
  • Mollusk South Sea Pearl: Pinctada Maxima
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⭐MESMERIZING DESIGN - This design is Sleek and Modern yet Classic and Elegant Style. fit for any occasion as daily wearing home and office. Carefully packed in beautiful jewelry box. Absolutely a great gift to express your love for your mother, girlfriend, fiancee, wife, valentine, family or just a friend,etc. Great gifts on Mother 's Day , Wedding , Anniversary day ,Valentine's Day or Christmas Day.
⭐ The overall value of these pearls is higher than Akoya or Tahitian, and very comparable to White South Sea pearls.
⭐ The value of a Golden South Sea pearl is heavily dependent upon the color; the deeper the golden color, the more valuable the pearl.
⭐ On the market, there are often imitations of gold pearls: for example, freshwater pearls are tinted or plastic balls are covered with a gold color... it has nothing to do with real South sea pearls.