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Comet 8.0-8.5 mm White Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings & Diamond Mounted on 18K Gold

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  • Type: Earrings
  • Category: Akoya Pearls
  • Quantity: a Pair
  • Metal: 18K Yellow Gold
  • Stone: Diamond


  • Origin: Japan
  • Body Color: White
  • Size: 8.0-8.5 mm
  • Shape: True Round
  • Luster: Very Strong
  • Pearl Grade: AAA
  • Surface: Slightly Blemishes
  • Overtone: Vivid
  • Water: Saltwater
  • Kind: Cultured pearl
  • Mollusk Akoya Pearl: Pinctada Fucata
  • Shipping Methods: DHL/FedEx/UPS Express
  • Usually Ships Within 3-5 Business Day.


Each meticulously chosen Japanese imported Akoya cultured saltwater pearl is perfectly round, presenting a luminous white and pink luster and a beautiful and virtually flawless gloss. Each pair of earrings, whether delicately petite or elegantly grand, is meticulously matched by experienced selection experts through professional measurements.
The actual product images are captured with a macro lens, which may result in a magnified effect. Please refer to the size comparison chart and model-wearing images for an accurate representation when making your purchase. The pearl spheres may appear smaller visually, it is easy to creating an optical illusion. We conduct a thorough reevaluation of the pearl diameter before shipping each order. Thank you for your understanding.  
TAKARAMONOBR exclusively offers high-quality saltwater pearls. However, pearls naturally grow in their environment and are not artificial products from assembly lines, making achieving absolute flawlessness in the human sense impossible. While ensuring lustre and color, we strive to select pearls with minimal imperfections whenever possible.