9.5-10.0 mm Top Range Large Size Akoya Necklace for Jewelry Collection

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  • Pearl Origin: Japan
  • Pearl Size: 9.5-10.0 mm
  • Pearl Body Color: White
  • Pearl Quality: AAA+
  • Pearl Shape: Perfectly Round
  • Pearl Luster: Superior
  • Pearl Nacre: Mirror Bright, Very Thick
  • Pearl Overtone: Iridescence
  • Clasp: 14k gold
  • Pearl Surface: very Slightly Surface Blemishes
  • Necklace Length: 16 Inches
  • Quantity: 1PC
  • Shipping Methods: DHL Express
  • Usually Ships Within 2-3 Business Day.
Akoya is the smallest sea oyster that is used to produce pearls.
Japanese Akoya pearl size 9.5-10.0 mm is exceptionally large. More often you can find pearls just up to 8.5 mm.
The smooth surface, shimmering flashes of rainbow-liked and sometimes blue and green overtones and, of course, the mirror shine are all signs of beauty possessed by the pearl of Akoya.
⭐ White pearls are snow-white or with different intensities of pink overtone, on the photo example - a necklace with such a shade.
This quality necklace is highly recommend to keep in family jewellery collection.