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7.5-8.0 mm Candy Color Akoya Pearl Necklace with Japanese Certificate

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  • Pearl Origin: Japan
  • Pearl Size: 7.5-8.0 mm
  • Pearl Body Color: Colorful
  • Pearl Quality: Gem
  • Pearl Shape: Perfectly Round
  • Pearl Luster: Superior
  • Pearl Nacre: Mirror Bright, Very Thick
  • Pearl Overtone: Popular Fruit Color
  • Clasp: 925 Sliver
  • Pearl Surface: Almost No Surface Blemishes
  • Necklace Length: 16 Inches
  • Quantity: 1PC
  • Shipping Methods: DHL Express
  • Usually Ships Within 2-3 Business Day.
Akoya is the smallest sea oyster that is used to produce pearls.
The smooth surface, shimmering flashes of rainbow-liked and sometimes blue and green overtones and, of course, the mirror shine are all signs of beauty possessed by the pearl of Akoya.
Sea pearls Akoya can have different shades: white, cream, azure... White pearls are snow-white or with different intensities of pink overtone, on the photo example - a necklace with such a shade.
Akoya pearls necklace - this is what I recommend as a gift for a young lady.
For daughters, nieces and granddaughters - the first necklace... Yes, I would have chosen them to start collecting personal jewelry wardrobe.