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8.0-8.5 mm AAA Silver-Blue Akoya Round Pearl Stud Earrings Mounted on Solid 18-Karat White Gold

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  • Type: Earrings
  • Category: Akoya Pearls
  • Quantity: a Pair
  • Metal: 18K White Gold


  • Origin: Japan
  • Body Color: Blue
  • Size: 8.0-8.5 mm
  • Shape: True Round
  • Luster: Very Strong
  • Pearl Grade: AAA
  • Surface: Very Slightly Blemishes
  • Overtone: Vivid
  • Water: Saltwater
  • Kind: Cultured pearl
  • Mollusk Akoya Pearl: Pinctada Fucata
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Is it normal for Akoya pearls to have flaws?
⭐ Naturally cultured pearls inevitably have some degree of imperfections. TAKARAMONOBR selects pearls with minimal to nearly flawless qualities. Imperfections within an acceptable range may be challenging to discern with the naked eye under natural light from a distance of 0.5 meters. These non-destructive flaws do not compromise the long-term durability of the pearls. Instead, they serve as a testament to their authenticity and become a unique hallmark exclusively yours.
Eternal Classic in Simplicity
⭐The timeless beauty lies in simplicity, presenting a brilliant radiance and pure aesthetic appeal. Effortlessly transcending time, the minimalist design and outstanding craftsmanship converge to create a classic that outlasts fleeting trends, offering enduring companionship in contrast to momentary fads.