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Akoya Pearls: Learn About Akoya Cultured Pearls!

Akoya is the name of its mother oyster(Pinctada fucata martensii), also known as the Japanese Pearl, which is mainly produced in the Seto Inland Sea in Japan's Mie, Hiroshi and Ehime Prefectures.   Japanese akoya pearl with perfect round shapes, bright mirror-like luster and natural colors, akoya pearls are favored by most retailers and consumers as the classic pearl choice. Unlike South Sea pearl, the size of Akoya pearl is generally between 4.0-8.0mm in diameter, It rarely to reach 9-10mm. When it comes to South-Sea pearls, usually the thickness is more than 1.00mm because basically South-Sea pearls are large. But the thicker the nacre, the more dull the luster. So you can see South-Sea pearls are not shiny like Japanese Akoya....

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