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Akoya is the name of its mother oyster(Pinctada fucata martensii), also known as the Japanese Pearl, which is mainly produced in the Seto Inland Sea in Japan's Mie, Hiroshi and Ehime Prefectures.

 hanadama akoya loose pearls

Japanese akoya pearl with perfect round shapes, bright mirror-like luster and natural colors, akoya pearls are favored by most retailers and consumers as the classic pearl choice.
Unlike South Sea pearl, the size of Akoya pearl is generally between 4.0-8.0mm in diameter, It rarely to reach 9-10mm. When it comes to South-Sea pearls, usually the thickness is more than 1.00mm because basically South-Sea pearls are large. But the thicker the nacre, the more dull the luster. So you can see South-Sea pearls are not shiny like Japanese Akoya.

akoya pearls VS White south sea pearl

As the pearl is larger, the rejection of the oyster is more serious, which is possible to reduce the quality of pearls. Therefore, in the case of the similar conditions such as color, roundness and blemishing. As the diameter of Akoya pearls increases, the higher the value. Even with a difference of only 1 mm, the price difference between the 7.0-7.5mm and 8.0-8.5mm Akoya pearls is as much as double.
Most pearls are white to grey, with pink, green, or silver overtones. Occasionally, akoya pearls are blue with silver and pink overtones, but these colors are extremely rare.

superior luster pearl overtone

The highest quality white Akoya pearls are called "hanadama" by the Japanese pearl circle.
The term “Hanadama” was coined by the father of cultured pearls himself, Kokichi Mikimoto. He used this term to designate his finest, most beautiful pearls.
“Hanadama” directly translates from Japanese to “Spherical Flower” and are also often called “Flower Pearls” by those in the trade. The delicate shades of pink shimmering over their surfaces are said to be reminiscent of the famous Cherry blossoms that bloom throughout Japan in the Springtime.

 top range aurora hanadama akoya pearl necklace

This kind of pearls are very few. The rate of the pearls can be called Hanadama is around 3% of the total crops.
Can you figure out what are difference of these pearls in the photo?
akoya pearl akoya pearls for jewellery making
There is no doubt that the quality decrease from Left to Right.
AAA: The highest quality range of Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl, almost no blemishes, that means at least 95% of the surface will be free from blemishes. Very thick nacre, and the surface will have a very strong luster.
AA: Thick nacre, and the surface will have strong luster. At least 75% of the surface will be free from blemishes. In multi-pearl pieces such as strands, bracelets, etc.
A: The lowest jewelry-grade. Lower luster and/or more than 25% of the surface showing something defects.
Akoya's body color is mainly white, which is subdivided into three series: white, yellow and blue.
The highest quality in Japanese pearl world called white Akoya pearl "Hanadama", blue Akoya is called "Madama", yellow Akoya is called "Queen Akoya".
To obtain such a title must be met the following conditions: diameter more than 6 mm, nacre layer more than 0.4 mm, superior luster, Perfectly round.

candy sugar akoya pearl necklace

cultured akoya pearls
Now, with the decreasing output of Akoya pearls in Japanese areas, it is very rare to get any one of them.
During the spread of Japanese pearl culture, “aurora hanadama” as the name of the best quality valued Akoya-pearls. “Aurora TEN-NYO” is the special name for the aurora hanadama pearls but only have the most distinctive TERI among all.
The Word “TEN-NYO”can be directly translated as “A lady from heaven”. We named “aurora TEN-NYO” to express the image of beautiful maiden floating over the flowers with her three colored feathered robe worn.

Ten-Nyo Akoya pearl strand

japanese cultured pearls Hanadama
If you want to choose a gift, please choose 8.0-8.5mm aurora hanadama, it looks very good, and it is suitable for formal occasions.
Before purchasing, you must have a certain understanding of AKOYA and choose a level of pearl according to your budget. Choose a reliable seller and ask him to show you the pearls differences within the same range. Based on his description, you should know something about it. Figure out what you need , others can ignore. For example, if you want pearls have high luster , and less flaws, then the other conditions can relax under the same budget. The pearls can be slightly smaller, and the roundness is not a perfect circle.If you want to choose a gift, please choose 8.0-8.5mm aurora hanadama, it looks very good, and it is suitable for formal occasions.

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