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黑蝶皇后aurora queen necklace

黒蝶クイーン Top Gem Quality 8.0-11.0 mm Multicolor Tahitian Round Necklace with P.S.L Certificate

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Product Details
  • Attach Pearl Science Laboratory (PSL) Certificate
  • Pearl Origin: French Polynesia
  • Pearl Size: 8.0-11.0 mm
  • Pearl Body Color: Multicolor
  • Pearl Quality: Gem
  • Pearl Shape: Perfectly Round
  • Pearl Luster: Superior
  • Pearl Nacre: Mirror Bright, Very Thick
  • Pearl Overtone: Multicolor
  • Clasp: 14K White/Yellow Gold
  • Pearl Surface: Smooth/Clean Surface
  • Necklace Length: 16 Inches
  • Quantity: 1PC
  • Shipping Methods: DHL Express
  • Usually Ships Within 5-6 Business Day.
  • Any confused please feel free to contact customer service.


⭐A pearl will have value only if its color is natural. The photo shows exactly such pearls.
⭐ COLOR is one of the most important criteria of value for Tahiti pearls - the palette is so diverse - from light gray to green with pink overtone (this color is called peacock - in association with the color of peacock feathers). Finding the perfect match among the pearls of Tahiti is the most difficult task.
Here is such a huge flawless beauty xx mm, Tahitian pearl rich dark color.
Treasure of the sea - black classy pearl, the most beautiful I’ve ever seen before.
The MYSTIQUE of TAHITI PEARLS is not only in their unusual dark color, but also in a huge number of overtones (second contrasting colors)
In this case, it is a rich purple or aubergine - so bright and rich. Pearls with this effect are rare and desirable, and very rare in large sizes.
⭐A pearl will have value only if its color is natural. The photo shows exactly such pearls.